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October is Diabetes Prevention Month

So here’s the truth.  Not the truth that anyone is comfortable with, for in the end it leaves us feeling a little helpless, but comfort was never promised.  When I first launched my business, I went to doctors’ offices and provided them free lunches for them and their staffs, asking only that they recommend my […]

The Inner Smile

Who would have guessed that the most enduring lessons learned while operating a commercial kitchen that offers home delivery of healthy meals would have nothing to do with either culinary practices or logistics, but rather with human psychology?  Nevertheless, that is precisely what occurs.  Based upon thousands of responses, it is clear that people would […]

GMOs, Porn, and Other Dinner Conversations

Once upon a time, people ate food.  Someone prepared it and people ate it.  That was the extent to which food was contemplated in the national consciousness.  Food wasn’t a topic of conversation; it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner, nothing more.  I know that many of you are too young to remember those days, but […]

The High Protein Diet: A Balanced Approach

Most Americans get 12%-24% of their daily calories from protein. With a high-protein diet, it can be much more than that. Protein may be half of your day’s calories. Most of this extra protein comes from animal sources like meat, eggs, and cheese. Often, these diets severely restrict foods like cereals, grains, fruits, and vegetables. […]

Mistaken Associations

The airwaves bring forth celebrities who’ve lost weight using this meal plan or that one.  The billboards and newspaper ads talk about losing thirty pounds in thirty days or a guaranteed two pounds per week, or any one of a number of gimmicks.  Everyone is hawking their wares and boosting their bottom lines by talking […]

Balancing Act

In response to the obesity problem in this country and the “quick fix” attitude that most Americans have, the low carb diet is becoming ever more popular.  When you deprive your body of carbohydrates through diet, the liver responds by creating carbohydrates from proteins – through a process known as glycogenesis – by removing the […]