October is Diabetes Prevention Month

So here’s the truth.  Not the truth that anyone is comfortable with, for in the end it leaves us feeling a little helpless, but comfort was never promised.  When I first launched my business, I went to doctors’ offices and provided them free lunches for them and their staffs, asking only that they recommend my […]

Ways to Make Healthy Food More Exciting

Originally posted on The Beast Bodybuilding:
A nutritious and balanced diet is key to living a long and healthy life. But after a while, it ‘s easy to get tired of eating the same mediocre salads for lunch and grilled chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner . Very quickly boredom can take control and unhealthy…

10 Scientific ways to be happy

Originally posted on Living Life despite Chronic Pain:
I am not sure why some of these are pointing to where they are pointing on the body, but the words are sound advice.  Two things that I want to add is breathe deeply, imaging warm air reaching down to your pelvis, at least 10 times in the…

Overeating Our Way to Starvation

Fact:  The quantity of food that qualifies as a meal these days is considerably larger than what it used to be even a mere 20 years ago.  Food consumption is on the rise, and yet for all that, the population is starving itself, accounting for the tremendous rise in obesity.  It all sounds self-contradictory, a […]

Eat Well Foods: Making EVERYBODY Happy

Despite the humorous tone of the video, adding good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle is serious business. At Eat Well Foods we take healthy eating seriously. We invite you to view and enjoy!

Eat Healthy and Enjoy a Fabulous Vacation — Guest Article by Cole Millen

Vacation time is something that most families look forward to year round.  Whether you are going on a romantic getaway to a resort, or whether you are planning a fun family vacation with the kids and grandparents, there are multiple ways you can stick to your healthy nutritious habits during your getaway.  Adhering to a […]

Heeding Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin holds a unique place of special honor in American history in that the most notable historical figures were Presidents of the republic, but he never had such aspirations.  As President of Pennsylvania – before America declared its independence as a nation – he was present for and added verbiage to the Declaration of […]