Transformative Perception


When I first started this business, my model was designed around going to doctors’ offices to provide them samples of our meals and load them up with information about how are meals are diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, and the like.  It seemed a natural fit since many patients who discover they’re pre-diabetic or exhibiting a trend toward […]

The Inner Smile

Who would have guessed that the most enduring lessons learned while operating a commercial kitchen that offers home delivery of healthy meals would have nothing to do with either culinary practices or logistics, but rather with human psychology?  Nevertheless, that is precisely what occurs.  Based upon thousands of responses, it is clear that people would […]

Whole Earth in January

In the month of January, Eat Well Foods continued its commitment to give back to Mother Earth with compost deliveries totaling in at more than 75 lbs. to New River Groves, not only a grower of citrus plants, but also a great place to enjoy tasty, fresh-squeezed juices and flavorful meals just west of the […]

Why Can’t We All Just Be Happy?

From any reasonable perspective, December thirty-first and January first aren’t really much different at all.  Sunrise and sunset times between the two days differ by just a few moments, and the transition from 11:59:59 to 12:00:01 are an identical two seconds to any other two seconds ticking away at any other time of the year, […]

Mistaken Associations

The airwaves bring forth celebrities who’ve lost weight using this meal plan or that one.  The billboards and newspaper ads talk about losing thirty pounds in thirty days or a guaranteed two pounds per week, or any one of a number of gimmicks.  Everyone is hawking their wares and boosting their bottom lines by talking […]