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October is Diabetes Prevention Month

So here’s the truth.  Not the truth that anyone is comfortable with, for in the end it leaves us feeling a little helpless, but comfort was never promised.  When I first launched my business, I went to doctors’ offices and provided them free lunches for them and their staffs, asking only that they recommend my product to some specific patients.  You see, I’d begun Eat Well Foods, meals that are cooked with great care and to great benefit for people with Type 2 diabetes, deriving our modified recipes from information given us by those folks who “cured” themselves of this disease with nothing but proper nutrition.  And the truth is, a great percentage of diabetes can be eliminated with diet changes only:

  1. Lose excess weight by eating portion-controlled meals and exercising
  2. Eat nutritionally balanced meals with proper protein/carbohydrate/fat ratios
  3.  There is no number 3!  That’s it, two steps only!

So, I asked these doctors to give out one of my business cards to patients they found to be in the early stages of diabetes, to give them an alternative that doesn’t involve introduction of new medication into their systems.  Animatedly, they agreed as they and their staffs masticated and swallowed their free lunches.  They asked questions; I answered with some level of knowledge, gleaned from research I had done.  And then the moment of truth: after more than two dozen lunches to more than forty doctors and a wait time of over six months during which time I got exactly ZERO referrals, I thought it time to get some answers.

As such, I invited one of the cardiologists to my home for supper one Friday night.  I asked if she’d enjoyed the two lunches I’d done for her group and she replied with an enthusiastic, “yes.”

“Why then, have you never given me a single referral?”

“Oh… that’s easy; I haven’t and I won’t.”

“I… I don’t understand.  Why not?”

“Because, Mark, people don’t come to me for advice on diet and nutrition; they come to me for medicine.  If a patient comes to me with blood sugars that indicate pre-diabetes, I’m going to prescribe Metformin and not your food.”


“But nothing.  Look, if I give someone your card instead of the medication, and they suffer some unrelated incident – say a heart attack – and their family sees that this person had seen me recently and that I’d prescribed your service and not medication, the lawsuit would be so big it would fill up your lovely dining room.”

insulin pen

“Can’t you give them both, then: the prescription and the business card?”

“No.  I tell them… tell them to exhaustion, in fact, that if they lose weight and start eating right, they can get rid of their diabetes, but the truth is they want to continue eating the crap that they’re eating and take some medicine.  Giving them your business card would be tantamount to a joke because the sad truth is that they’d rather inject themselves with insulin daily and continue enjoying their unhealthy lifestyles rather than change their diet; very few ever do.”

I was stunned into silence, shortly thereafter followed by a sense of utter resignation.  Only after the passage of time was I able to turn the sense of resignation into true outrage.  So people go to doctors thinking that they’re seeing someone who cares for their health, but in point of fact, doctors have a completely different agenda!  They’re not providing their patients with the BEST alternative for curing their illness, just the current medicinal practice: write the prescription and see them again in six months!  And to think, I gave away food to her, her associates, and her staff for naught.

So here’s the truth:  The American Diabetes Association and the medical community have no interest in promoting diabetes PREVENTION; there’s no money in that.  Sadly, theirs is a different agenda.

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