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Ways to Make Healthy Food More Exciting

Originally posted on The Beast Bodybuilding:
A nutritious and balanced diet is key to living a long and healthy life. But after a while, it ‘s easy to get tired of eating the same mediocre salads for lunch and grilled chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner . Very quickly boredom can take control and unhealthy…

10 Scientific ways to be happy

Originally posted on Living Life despite Chronic Pain:
I am not sure why some of these are pointing to where they are pointing on the body, but the words are sound advice.  Two things that I want to add is breathe deeply, imaging warm air reaching down to your pelvis, at least 10 times in the…

Sous Vide Or Not Sous Vide: Is That Even A Question?

As a South Floridian, subject to such hot and humid air that I have started growing gills on the side of my neck so I can breathe out of doors during the summer, I have been advocating for the canonization of Willis Carrier, the individual responsible for inventing modern-day air conditioning.  I don’t know if […]