Eat Well Foods: Making EVERYBODY Happy

Despite the humorous tone of the video, adding good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle is serious business. At Eat Well Foods we take healthy eating seriously.

We invite you to view and enjoy!

2 comments on “Eat Well Foods: Making EVERYBODY Happy

  1. This is great! Thanks for telling me to heck it out. And yes, I too like to keep it light and humorous when talking about health because it makes it a little bit easier for people to wrap their minds around making lifestyle changes. oh, and it lets us make sarcastic commentaries on the state of our nation! 🙂

  2. Funny video.
    My husband is doing so well on the meal plan. His blood sugar is staying in the normal range and so is his blood pressure. He even lost ten pounds last month. He’s eating some foods he didn’t think he liked (sweet potatoes and plantains) but the food is so well seasoned that he’s enjoying every meal. Thanks!!

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