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Eat Healthy and Enjoy a Fabulous Vacation — Guest Article by Cole Millen

Vacation time is something that most families look forward to year round.  Whether you are going on a romantic getaway to a resort, or whether you are planning a fun family vacation with the kids and grandparents, there are multiple ways you can stick to your healthy nutritious habits during your getaway.  Adhering to a few easy tips will give you the guidelines needed in order to eat healthy and stay fit while you enjoy your time away from home.

Great Breakfast Options While You Travel

Breakfast is oapple wordsne of the most valuable meals of the day because eating early can help you to resist hunger cravings in the middle of the morning.  People often mess up their entire daily eating habits by skipping out on breakfast.  If you are staying at a hotel during your vacation, be sure to take advantage of the continental breakfast.  While many complimentary breakfast bars offer croissants and donuts, you should avoid these and expect to find whole grain cereals, juice, fruit and sometimes yogurt cups.  If you want to indulge in a croissant, share it with a family member and add a piece of fruit to it so you keep your portions moderate.

If you are driving long distances, you will likely be tempted to stop at highway diners where fat-filled breakfasts such as biscuits and gravy and loaded omelets are served.  These meals can quickly pack on hundreds of calories without giving you much nutritional value.  As a result, you may feel lethargic the remainder of the day after consuming such a heavy breakfast.  Instead of eating at diners and breakfast buffets while you are traveling, opt to pack granola and fruit and boxes of juice to keep you sustained and filled during long road trips.  Not only will you save money, you will reap the benefits of a healthy breakfast the rest of the day!

Picking the Right Hotel

Finding a hotel that can allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle on vacation is key. Considering the fact that you are virtually living at the place you pick for the allotted time of your vacation, it is important to ensure they have the right amenities and such to cater so your needs. In personal experience, I’ve found that reading reviews is the best way to find the most accurate and honest opinion regarding these topics. I recently took a trip to Sin City and found a great site with list of Las Vegas hotels reviews regarding amenities, restaurants, and even things to do. This allowed me to find not only a hotel with a fitness center and a gluten free restaurant, but also to plan out all of the restaurants for my entire trip! Needless to say, I managed to have an amazing time and came back feeling great!

Choose Brightly-Colored Foods at Restaurants

Eating out is often a person’s favorite part of vacation. There is something relaxing and incredibly enjoyable about sitting in a posh restaurant, enjoying good food, good ambiance and great company.  However, if you’re not careful, it is easy to indulge in foods loaded with empty calories.  Choosing brightly-colored foods is a great rule of thumb to stick to when you dine out as they tend to be healthy options.  These foods include salmon, radishes, berries, green lettuce, red bell peppers, red onions, and other similar foods that provide delicious tastes and quality nourishment.  For desserts, consider ordering fresh berries and coffee instead of an after dinner drink and brownie or slice of cake.

The Small Things Matter

Keeping an apple and a bottle of water on hand while you are out touring shops and landscapes is a good way to reduce binging on food.  The small things matter when it comes to eating a candy bar or a bag of chips here and there.  Because these empty calories add up quickly, be prepared by packing fresh fruit and water!

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