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Eat Well Foods: Making EVERYBODY Happy

Despite the humorous tone of the video, adding good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle is serious business. At Eat Well Foods we take healthy eating seriously. We invite you to view and enjoy!

Eat Healthy and Enjoy a Fabulous Vacation — Guest Article by Cole Millen

Vacation time is something that most families look forward to year round.  Whether you are going on a romantic getaway to a resort, or whether you are planning a fun family vacation with the kids and grandparents, there are multiple ways you can stick to your healthy nutritious habits during your getaway.  Adhering to a […]


When I first started this business, my model was designed around going to doctors’ offices to provide them samples of our meals and load them up with information about how are meals are diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, and the like.  It seemed a natural fit since many patients who discover they’re pre-diabetic or exhibiting a trend toward […]