The Inner Smile

Who would have guessed that the most enduring lessons learned while operating a commercial kitchen that offers home delivery of healthy meals would have nothing to do with either culinary practices or logistics, but rather with human psychology?  Nevertheless, that is precisely what occurs.  Based upon thousands of responses, it is clear that people would rather say they want to adopt a healthier lifestyle while they continue their current unwholesome habits rather than actually effect the change.  Even though everyone knows that healthy eating and regular exercise has a much greater and longer lasting “feel good” factor than that cheeseburger sitting in front of them at the moment, the aroma of the burger stimulating their salivary glands, they succumb anyway to the immediate enticement.  After all, they rationalize, this new lifestyle can start tomorrow, the day after, or even next week, and they subliminally foster and then reinforce the idea in their heads that this change is something for the worse rather than for the better.

Clearly, if any one of those individuals feel goodrealized that they’d suddenly won the lottery, they wouldn’t forestall the retrieval of their money for another couple of days or weeks, thinking, nah, I’ll start the lifestyle of wealth next week.  So, the very fact that they’re willing to put off the healthy lifestyle change provides a clear indicator that they innately see this change as something to be resisted, preferring to maintain the habits they’ve forged, no matter how damaging, to improving their choices.  Talk to them though, and they’ll deny such predisposition, even though their actions belie their words.  It matters not how often they hear that the greatest treasure they can bestow upon themselves is good health, that the greatest of all attainable wealth is wellbeing, far surpassing the benefit that money can provide, they remain set in their ways and say they’re unhappy with how poorly they look and feel.

This behavioral pattern certainly isn’t restricted to healthy diet.  It is exhibited by the large number of tobacco users who clearly know the dangers associated with their addiction and continue to smoke and chew it, and drug and alcohol abusers who understand the risk of addiction and withdrawal as well as the damaging effects those chemicals have on the body, not to mention the heightened mortality rate associated with being under the influence while driving or working.  Immediate gratification has been one of the longest running fights between society and the individual, so much so that it is used as one of the key elements in differentiating man from other animals.  Cliché like patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait are part of everyone’s repertoire.

Interestingly, the very nature of this attitude, the concept of making a change is as false as the proclamation that this so-called change is going to happen starting tomorrow.  It is yet another layer of the cognitive dissonance process that creates an added imagined burden to the realization of the dream.  It’s not one big CHANGE, one overwhelmingly difficult hurdle that one must best; it’s just substituting brown rice for white rice and going for a walk after dinner.  It’s eating two tablespoons less of starchy carbohydrate with each meal, and avoiding fried foods altogether.  It’s adding a soup or a salad before the meal, waiting five minutes between courses, and then eating dinner, instead of having a dinner roll swathed in butter with the meal.  It’s cutting down on sodium consumption so your body can rid itself of excess water retention.  These are the BIG DEAL!  Combine those few steps and witness how much better you feel, how much happier you become, how unencumbered by the psychology of I’m doing what I don’t want to be doing you become and how empowered that makes you feel.  You’re in control again!

That’s the idea behind Eat Well Foods: everyday meals with a healthy attitude.

2 comments on “The Inner Smile

  1. I love the ideal!!! Simple healthy recipes 🙂

  2. Well said. reading it made me take a deep breath. Why is it we just can’t quite do the things that make us feel better? Why not be as happy, fulfilled and in control of your life as possible? Taking the time for a quiet moment is also important. Taking a few minutes in your day to sit with yourself and develope a relationhip with the real you—also helps you to take control and seek happiness. Thoughts of love and happiness change our brain physically and then there is what it does to your heart!!!!! It opens.
    Love your post.

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