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The Inner Smile

Who would have guessed that the most enduring lessons learned while operating a commercial kitchen that offers home delivery of healthy meals would have nothing to do with either culinary practices or logistics, but rather with human psychology?  Nevertheless, that is precisely what occurs.  Based upon thousands of responses, it is clear that people would […]

GMOs, Porn, and Other Dinner Conversations

Once upon a time, people ate food.  Someone prepared it and people ate it.  That was the extent to which food was contemplated in the national consciousness.  Food wasn’t a topic of conversation; it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner, nothing more.  I know that many of you are too young to remember those days, but […]

Heeding Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin holds a unique place of special honor in American history in that the most notable historical figures were Presidents of the republic, but he never had such aspirations.  As President of Pennsylvania – before America declared its independence as a nation – he was present for and added verbiage to the Declaration of […]