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Whole Earth in December

The year ended with a  B A N G ! !  for Eat Well Foods’ Whole Earth Policy.  In the month of December, we delivered more than 100 pounds of compostable materials to the New River Groves to help replenish the planet with new, healthy, fruit-bearing plants.  New River Groves can be found on the Internet at http://newrivergroves.com .  It’s an inspiring place and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to a place such as this.  whole earth 1

One comment on “Whole Earth in December

  1. I agree with you, it can be very confusing and frustrating when we are surrounded with so many different “expert” opinions and articles. Some say eliminate dairy! Some say you must consume dairy! And so on…My practical opinion, as a active female, mother and soon to be certified in nutrition and sports performance, take all of the information and DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Everyone is different. I am a vegetarian. It works for me. I don’t recommend that it is for everyone nor do I raise my son on a vegetarian diet. My belief is that a nutrient dense, balanced diet centered around whole foods is the best lifestyle to follow. If that includes or removes dairy, meat, poultry and/or grains, that should be an individual choice based upon each person’s own health and lifestyle.

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