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What’s Cooking


We’ve just finished giving our customers tastes of our new Moroccan Chicken and Vegetarian tagines.   The feedback we received was very enthusiastic as regards the flavors, and we’re taking the accompanying suggestions and applying them to the meals in order to create the most satisfying dining experience we can.


We’re applying the finishing touches to our Holiday Meal Plans which will be posted on the website when ready.  For Thanksgiving we’re planning on offering a choice of turkey or ham dinner with pumpkin and butternut squash soup, mashed sweet potatoes, and garlic sautéed green beans.  Of course, our customers can add any additional side meals they desire, as usual.  Hanukah will showcase two different types of brisket, potato pancakes with apple sauce, and traditional carrot/pineapple tsimis.  For Christmas, we’re planning a choice of turkey or leg of lamb with oven roasted potatoes and a vegetable medley of broccoli, yellow squash, and carrots.

Let us know what you think, any comments or suggestions to help us create truly memorable meals

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