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By comparison, all other attributes pale in importance when reflected against the sacred chalice of good health.  Indeed, topping the list of life’s great gifts is the endowment of health.   Running parallel with feelings of physical well-being is the mental equivalent: an unblemished positive perspective and a strong sense of worth, an appreciation of life’s […]

The Skinny on Fats

It’s a cauldron of diverse ingredients – a cup of vernacular, two whopping tablespoons of hearsay information, a healthy dose of contradictory articles, and a quart of deliberate misrepresentation devised by marketing departments of the national food producers – all thoroughly blended and brought to a steaming boil, creating vapors enough to obscure the clarity […]

Clubbed Breakfast?

When A. Bartlett Giamatti, then Commissioner of Baseball, died of a heart attack, a picture appeared in every newspaper across the country showing that his hands had “clubbed” fingers.  Immediately, the medical profession issued statement after statement about how if you see your fingers clubbing, you’re at serious risk of a traumatic cardiac event.  Turns […]